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Crystal Kangyu a compression atomizer for atomizing a dedicated medical apparatus, the liquid is atomized into fine particles
can be absorbed, Fast, effective, and Painless treatment, the treatment of respiratory disease is the most scientific and
effective treatment methods! The product Hundreds of well-known at home and abroad
through the use of hospitals and tests proved Our technology
is an international leader in its class!
JingKangYu Medical Technology Co.Ltd.
Utility Model Patent Certificate
Registration Certificate
Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License
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Yu Jing Kang effective compression atomizer faster, higher efficacy
Jing Kang Yu compression atomizer
Jing Kang Yu compression atomizer five characteristics
Continuous high frequency use no heat, no routine lubrication
Structural noise damping, noise measured value ≤ 50dB
Unique cooling system, the effective growth of life
Fog rate, fine atomized particles, high concentrations
For hospitals, clinics and home use
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  Jiangxi JingKangYu Medical Technology Co.Ltd. is a professional medical equipment production enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of medical equipments, the company has its own R & D team, and has received a number of products patents. The company's production workshop is designed and decorated in strict accordance with the requirements of GMP, equipped with Class 100000 purification production workshop and Class 100 laboratories, carries out production management in strict accordance with requirements of the medical device quality management system certification, and is equipped with injection molding machine...+more
  • What is the main purpose of nebulizer?
  • Hello! The company's medical nebulizer for the treatment of a variety of upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as colds, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, such as the trachea, bronchus, lung, pleural within the the disease occurs……
  • Compressor nebulizer What are the advantages?
  • Air compressor nebulizer using compressed air to form the high-speed air flow through tiny nozzles, driven by negative pressure generated along with liquid or other fluid is injected into the barrier at high speed under the impact to the surrounding droplets splashing into a mist particles from the trachea spray……
  • Medical compression atomizer should I buy?
  • The medical nebulizer noise level is an important indicator of its quality, noise, will affect the mood of patients already poor. Noise on the market most of compressed nebulizer at 80 decibels, while good quality compression atomizer noise should be less than 65 db……
  • Medical Nebulizer maintenance pay attention to what?
  • Hello! The best condition to keep the product and follow the guidance of the seven note issues, in order to avoid the destruction of the product, one, do not place the product in an infant or unconscious patients reach. 2, do not make the products subject to any strong collision, such as dropping the product from a height. 3, the presence of liquid when the liquid bottle, do not carry or store the product……
The most advanced, most effective and safe medical supplies company The most effective and safe medical supplies company
The company specializes in compressor nebulizer, nebulizer cup,Medical supplies and other accessories such as R & D, production and sales,Warmly welcome new ...
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